About Us

You're Worth Fighting 4 is a nonprofit organization created to provide moral and financial support to cancer patients and their families to lighten the load of medical and prescription costs. It was founded in 2016 by two-time cancer survivor, Shuntell Alston. After surviving her own battles with cancer and experiencing the challenges of having to go through it alone while watching others do the same, she decided that something had to be done to help support the patients and their families. She could not help but notice there were so many different types of cancer, but only one major type of cancer was continuously the topic of conversation, breast cancer. Though it is definitely more common, she knew that all cancer patients deserved the same access to resources and support. You're Worth Fighting 4 became the beacon of hope and advocate for ALL CANCERS because they all matter.

You're Worth Fighting 4 held its first Annual Cancer Ball in 2016 to help raise money to help patients and families pay for medicine, transportation, and other necessities during their fight. This annual ticketed fundraiser has become the driving force behind helping to empower, uplift, and provide resources to cancer patients as it highlights those who are still in the fight, those who won the fight, and those who have passed while fighting. A championship belt is given to a nominated patient who has inspired those who are advocates, family members of patients, and the cancer patients themselves. It includes music, a meal, dancing, giveaways, championship award, cancer awareness paraphernalia, a donation box, and a keynote speaker that addresses the importance of staying in the fight of life and never giving up until your dreams and goals are reached no matter what one faces. All proceeds go to helping cover costs for fundraisers, providing every day necessities to patients, prescription costs, and supplies for activities for sit-ins with patients young and old as they go through chemo and hospital stays. 

The mission is always to strengthen the heart, uplift the mind and encourage the fight to help all cancer patients from young to old who cannot get the proper care due to lack of medical insurance. Get in the ring of life and join us!




More About Shuntell Alston

As the director and founder of this foundation, I, Shuntell Alston, have experienced my own battle with both ovarian and breast cancer in 2012. Although I have the most loving and supportive husband in the world, he could not be with me . He was in Afghanistan serving our country . As a Sargent 1st Class in the army, he was left with a very tough decision to stay in Afghanistan and save several lives to provide means for my care in the process, or come home to be by my side while I fought for my life. We decided it was best for him to stay in Afghanistan.


Through the grace of God, and my husband's daily encouraging words, six surgeries later, I SURVIVED! This foundation makes the battle more comfortable. We have support elements in place to help the children in various cancer hospitals, as well as adults going through chemo treatments. Our Services are geared towards uplifting the spirits of individuals battling cancer. With proceeds from events as well as contributions from sponsors like yourself, we will continue to assist with mammograms, personalized wigs, counseling, cancer education and prevention, hospice, and funeral assistance. Most importantly, we want to hold their hands through the storm.

We believe no one cancer is more important than the other.

Our Mission

To strengthen the heart, uplift the mind and encourage the fight to help all cancer patients from young to old who cannot get the proper care due to lack of medical insurance.


Our Vision

Our vision is to help carry some of the load to make the process of fighting cancer a little easier for the patient as well as the family of the patient.

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